Crystal Sun Services

Now offering EMDR

We offer Adults and Children Individual, Family and Relationship Counseling.

Our goal is to provide you with Counseling services that meet your needs, in an environment that inspires and guides you in your journey toward reaching your goals. We see clients by appointment in the office or via Telehealth video services

If you are a professional in need of some business coaching for your practice, check out our professional services.


How We Can Help:

Mental Health Counseling

We can help guide you with your inner journey at finding better balance in your life with our Counseling services.

We welcome customers of all ages and from all stages of development.

Practice is full. Not accepting new referrals for Marriage & Family Counseling.

We can help guide you in developing more healthy relationships within your family.

Many of our customers need a "tune Up" in their relationship or need support with challenges and change.

Consultation & Training Services

We can help you to identify and reach your professional goals with our consultation and training services.

Many of our customers need support with developing documentation systems that promote excellence in business standards

Practice is full. Not accepting new referrals for: Infant and Preschooler Mental Health Services

We can help children by providing evaluations, early intervention, prevention and therapeutic services.

We help parents by providing support, information and parenting tools.

Reiki Services offered on site at our Reiki Studio
and can help you to find better Wellness & balance in your life.

Courage doesn't happen when you have all of the answers, it happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been putting off.

Crystal Sun Counseling & Crystal Sun Reiki located in Hudson Falls, NY.

What inspires you to be creative?

What do you do that brings you joy in your life?

Find an activity that once you engage in it, you notice that you get lost in time.

You have just found a spark of joy that can be used as a coping skill in stressful times.

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