Philosophy and Treatment View

Therpay services Hudson Falls, NyPhilosophy:

We are all in a continuous state of learning; that is something we believe for ourselves and our clients. We are educated, trained and have the experience to assist you. We are not the experts of you or your family–you are!  We will support you along your path, however, we will not tell you which path to choose. Our approach is to partner with you, help you to recognize the various paths to take and the pros and cons of each.  You are capable of making changes in your life, even when you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward. Life happens, and when you experience loss you may need support to help you with your grieving process. Sometimes things get confusing, especially when you are experiencing a life-transition and don’t know what to do. You may need someone to guide you in recognizing clearly your choices and options.

When we are young, many choices are made by others for us and we may have been exposed to trauma. Today, we may still need resolution or relief.  We are here to support you through your healing journey. 

Therapy services Hudson Falls, NYLife is a journey–a discovery process with unlimited possibilities.  We can find strength in the most challenging situations and choose how to respond, giving our very best to all that we do. Psychotherapy is a tool for helping you–whether you have lost a loved-one or you have some other challenge such as depression or anxiety. Crystal Sun Counseling is here to help you in your journey along the way.


Counseling Washington County, Lake George, NYYou can expect a strengths-based approach. We want to hear your story. We will assess your strengths and needs and will support you with developing goals. If they seem overwhelming we will break these down to smaller achievable objectives for meeting your goal. Movement towards a goal doesn’t have to be major; a step in the right direction is progress.  We are eclectic in our approach and adopt an individualized treatment approach to best meet your needs. We utilize evidenced-based techniques and approaches that work.

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