Clinical Supervision Hudson Falls, Ny1. Clinical Supervision is Not being offered at this time

Many individuals in our field are beginning to work on their licensure paths and are in need of support and guidance.  

In NYS: Individual and Group Clinical Supervision is available meeting State Licensing standards for Marriage and Family Therapists, Limited Permit holders and Mental Health Counselors.                  

In CA: Individual and Group Clinical Supervision is available meeting State Licensing standards for Associate Marriage and Family Therapists, Associate Clinical Social Workers and Associate Professional Clinical Counselors.

Supervision is always tailored to meet your needs and to support your professional growth.

  • Mental health Consultation services Hudson Falls, NyYou are taught how to present a case for clinical consultation and review, using a case presentation tool which supports the development of clinical skills.
  • You are taught to utilize a weekly agenda tool, ensuring that all supervision needs are met weekly. 

What To Expect in Your First Supervision: 

  • In your first meeting be prepared to discuss your professional areas of interest, opportunities for growth and your professional goals.
  • Be prepared to discuss and review the Supervisor and Supervisee relationship and expectations.
  • Be prepared to review and sign the Supervisor-Supervisee Clinician Agreement that details our work together.
  • Be prepared to review and discuss your States’ requirements, forms and due dates.
  • Be prepared to work together to develop a written clinical plan detailing your professional goals for development.

2. Mental Health Program Consultation Services:

Group Consultation Hudson Falls. NySome private practice practitioners or organizations have a need for consultation to support them as challenges arise within their business. We are always available to schedule a free consultation to hear about your needs and to see how we may be of help to your organization. We can provide you with the tools you need to problem solve your challenges and make improvements in the areas you identified as being of a concern to you. We commonly help individuals with documentation improvement, auditing internal processes, business practices and with systems that promote their business growth. Contact us if you or your organization has a need for consultation or training. 

3 Training:

  • We can customize training to meetClinical Training services Hudson Falls, Ny the needs of your organization and employees. We are always available for free consultation to hear about how we may serve your organization.  
  • There are various platforms that are used to provide services. 
  • Call us at (760) 881-1177 or use the Contact us button located at the top of our homepage to email us as at to see how we may be of help to you or your company.
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