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Mental Health Services Hudson Falls, NYTherapy, Counseling and Psychotherapy are terms used interchangeably to describe the collaborative effort between a therapist (psychotherapist or counselor) and an individual or family (client).  The therapist helps the client identify goals and potential solutions to problems that cause emotional turmoil in their life.  Therapists seek to improve a client’s communication, coping skills and emotional health. They work to strengthen self-esteem and promote behavior change to support a client’s optimal mental health.  The relationship between the psychotherapist and client empowers the client to accomplish mental health, wellness, educational and/or career goals.

Family Therapy Hudson Falls, NyThere is a variety of therapeutic services available at Crystal Sun Counseling: 

Assessment:  A full, Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment will be completed with you. This includes your reason for treatment and what you hope to accomplish in treatment.

Individual Therapy Hudson Falls, NyGoal Development and Planning:  We partner together in order to develop treatment goals and outcome measures.

Mental Health services Glens Falls, NYIndividual Therapy:  Services are provided to all ages (young children, school aged-children, adolescents, and adults).  You can expect to receive support during challenging times. Therapy can help you deal with personal topics in life, such as: anger, depression, grief, trauma, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges, parenting, school and career challenges.

Family Therapy Hudson Falls, NYfamily counseling Hudson Falls NyFamily Therapy: Services are often sought due to life changes which impact family relationships and structure.  Sometimes the entire family is seen together for one or more sessions. This helps to address common issues which impact the entire family so relationships may improve. Some common reasons for seeking family therapy: loss of a loved-one, divorce, trauma, new marriage or relationships that blend two families together or that separates two families apart and any other family or parenting concerns that arise.  

Mental health Group counseling Hudson Falls, NyGroup Therapy: Provides you an opportunity to join a group of your peers to work on a specific topic or issue. Being in a group increases your understanding of the struggles and possible solutions.  In a group, you can expect no more than 6 participants. You might work on such topics as: life transitions, divorce, parenting skills, DBT skills and other coping skills.

Couples Counseling Hudson Fall,s NyMarriage and Couples Therapy: All couples experience ups and downs in their relationships and in their level of closeness.  The therapist helps couples to formulate mutually agreed upon goals and couples work on these together in sessions. Come see us for a relationship “tune up.”

Infant and preschooler mental health services Glens Falls, NYInfant and Preschooler Mental Health Services (Individual and Family Therapy):  The focus of these services is on the quality of a child’s first and early relationships and their social and emotional development.  Understanding infant mental health is key to preventing and treating mental health problems in very young children and their families.  Your child will receive a Specialized Assessment that includes the child’s developmental milestones, parental concerns and infant regulation.  A family can expect to receive therapy, Early Intervention, Prevention and referral services. All services support the infant/preschooler and family with the child’s early relationships and their social and emotional development.

grief counseling Hudson Falls. NYCrisis Intervention Counseling:  A crisis refers to any situation in which you perceive a sudden loss of your ability to use effective problem-solving and coping skills.  A number of events can be considered a crisis such as: any life-threatening situations, criminal victimization, medical illness, thoughts of suicide/homicide and changes in relationships such as the death of a loved-one or divorce. Crisis Intervention services will be provided using methods which offer immediate and short-term help to you if you experience an event that produces emotional, mental, physical or behavioral distress.

Life Coaching Hudson Falls, NYLife Coaching: Therapists have a high level of education, training and experience and make an excellent choice for a “Life Coach.” We are here to support you in developing and achieving your goals for improving areas in your life. LIFE COACHING NOT OFERRED AT THIS TIME

Referrals: Referrals are a service we provide. We refer clients for other needed specialty services as issues arise along your journey with us.

Mental health Counseling Hudson Falls, NYEnding or Terminating Services: Just as beginning your journey with us is a process, so will be ending your services.  An individual or family will know when it is time to end services when the problem that brought you to us becomes more manageable or it is resolved. We will support you in this last phase of your time with us.

Professional Services: We also offer clinical supervision, consultation and training services.

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